Hello, World!

Welcome to Not Just Apple, a new technology blog that’s mostly about, but not just about Apple.

For my first post, I figured I’d quickly introduce myself, as well as talk about why I chose to start this blog.

My name is Luke, and my first Apple product was the first generation iPod Shuffle (the one that looked like a stick of gum). I remember the feeling I had when I first saw my cousin using one, and being so intrigued and excited about how you could fit so many songs into one little device. With every Apple product that came out in the years following, that feeling just did not go away. I had to get the iPod Nano, and then the iPod Touch, and then the iPhone, iPad, Mac, the list goes on.

Anyways at this point in my life I’ve probably spent the equivalent of a down payment on a house solely on Apple products, but they’ve made my life exponentially easier, and frankly better. This is why I love Apple. This blog is going to be a space for me to talk about my opinions on Apple news, rumors, product launches and events, as well as anything else that comes to mind.

And here and there, I’ll write things that aren’t related to Apple; hence the name, Not Just Apple.

I’ve never done anything like this before, and I’m excited to have an outlet for my thoughts about Apple and about the technology industry. I’m not sure how long each post will be, or how often, but I’m hoping to post consistent, quality content.

Looking forward to starting this journey.

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